Britský Express: ‚Sack Barnier!‘ Czech MEP says EU Brexit negotiator MUST GO for trying to ‚punish‘ Britain

Jiri Payne told in an interview that the Frenchman is not “negotiating to reach with an agreement” and that EU member states are trying to “punish” Britain.

The eurosceptic, a libertarian politician and nuclear physicist, said his country needs a good trade deal with the UK and faces 20,000 job losses in the event of a no deal Brexit.

Mr Payne, who was a top advisor to the last Czech president Václav Klaus before becoming an MEP this year, also warned eurocrats that if they do not change course they will face more exit votes.

In an interview with this website he said the EU’s phased negotiating approach, whereby citizens’ rights, the Brexit bill and Ireland must be solved before trade talks, is a wrecking tactic.

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25. listopadu 2017

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